• Is Class-D Technology About As Good As It’ll Ever Get?

    As an audiophile on a journey of perpetually better sound, I was left slightly disconcerted by class-D trailblazer Bruno Putzeys’s assertion, in my previous class-D article, that, as he put it, well-done class-D amplification was now so good that “the amplifier part is basically a solved problem”. I understood the gist of what Bruno meant…

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  • Is Class-D Amplification Now Better than Class-A/B and Class-A?

    A couple of years ago, a designer of high-end tube equipment said something to me that left such an impact it eventually led me, now that the conditions seem right, to write this article. That mind-bomb was set off when I asked the designer if he’d ever consider making a class-AB amp. Shaking his head,…

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  • MAF 2024: Studio Economik / Kii, Wattson Audio

    Prices listed in CA$. This was probably the most different room from the others of the entire show. There was no stack of electronics in sight, just a small Wattson Audio Emerson Digital network streamer ($2095) connected to all-in-one speakers outfitted with every signal input you can imagine. One component made up 90% of the…

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