Digital-to-analog converter

  • Luxman introduces Its first network transport: NT-07

    “The NT-07 supports streaming services, USB, and network file playback via connection to outboard D/A converters.”

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  • Luxman’s new D-07X digital player

    SACD/CD/DAC player supports the most advanced file formats BALLSTON SPA, New York, March 2023 – “This is a transformational period in digital audio, and the new D-07X digital player is at the cutting edge,” said Jeff Sigmund, president of Luxman America. The player supports MQA-CDs, MQA files, 32-bit/768 kHz PCM, 22.4 MHz DSD, conventional USB…

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  • ROTEL launches its first Integrated Network Streamer

    With over 60-years of design experience, Rotel is proud to introduce its S14 Integrated Network Streaming Amp, offering discerning listeners a high-performance product to access and enjoy online music with ease. This solution delivers the family-owned audio company’s promise of quality, value and performance, aiming to bring music to life without compromise. The S14 delivers…

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