Berlin Wall

  • The Wall at the Wall: Roger Waters’ Historic Berlin Concert

    Before the Berlin Wall fell, it wasn’t just a physical barrier; it was a scar running through the heart of a divided city. For nearly three decades, it symbolized the ideological conflict between East and West, splitting families and friends, and casting a shadow over Berlin. Potsdamer Platz, the concert’s location, held heavy symbolism from…

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  • When the King of Pop Defied the Stasi: Michael Jackson’s 1988 Berlin Performance

    Michael Jackson’s Berlin Wall Concert: When Pop Met Politics In the annals of pop culture, Michael Jackson’s legacy is studded with iconic performances and groundbreaking achievements. Yet, one performance stands out not just for its musical brilliance but also for its geopolitical significance. On June 19, 1988, the King of Pop performed in West Berlin,…

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