New From ROTEL:  A10, A11 and CD11 MKII Models

New From ROTEL:  A10, A11 and CD11 MKII Models

Increased resolution, detail and refinement

Prices listed are in US$.

Rotel announces the launch of 3 new and improved models. The award-winning A11 Tribute and CD11 Tribute, along with the A10 Integrated Amplifier, have all been upgraded to MKII status.

All three models benefit from upgrades to critical components and circuit topology to add extra resolution and detail while maintaining their critical price position.

The A11MKII and CD11MKII represent upgrades to Rotel’s hugely successful Tribute Series models which were inspired by—and co-operatively engineered with—the late Ken Ishiwata. The new products seek to enhance the performance of their predecessors while remaining faithful to Ken’s design philosophy and continue to proudly pay homage to Ishiwata san’s 40+ year legacy in the audio business.

“Since our beginning in 1961, Rotel has continually invested in product and technological innovations.”, says Peter Kao, Managing Director of Rotel and part of the 3rd Generation of the company’s original founding family. “As a family-owned business we are ideally placed to offer an unwavering personal commitment to always delivering high-performance and high-value products, all built to our exacting quality standards in our own dedicated manufacturing facility.”

MSRP: A10 MKII – $849 ea A11 MKII – $1,099 ea CD11 MKII – $699 ea

A10 MKII Integrated Amplifier

The A10 MKII, making its first appearance on North American soil, features a Class AB amplifier with 50 W x 2 channels @ 8 ohms and is powered by an in-house manufactured toroidal transformer with robust filtering storage capacitors. 

The A10MKII features over 67 component upgrades included in the power and amplifier gain stage, bringing improved resolution, detail and bass extension / control. The included IR remote control allows precise adjustment of the volume in the analog domain plus selection of the input source. The front panel also includes bass, treble and balance controls plus a 3.5mm headphone output connector.

A11 MKII Integrated Amplifier

The A11 MKII is an upgrade of the hugely successful A11 Tribute model and now features a high performance Texas Instruments 32-bit/384kHz DAC.

With over 22 critical component upgrades in the digital circuits, which combine to improve staging and resolution, the A11 MKII also includes the high current Class AB amplifier with 50 W x 2 channels @ 8 ohms.

The included remote control provides motorized volume control and source selection, while the front panel includes bass, treble and balance controls plus a 3.5mm headphone jack. 

CD11 MKII CD Player

The CD11 MKII CD Player replaces the existing CD11 Tribute model and includes over 10 critical components upgrades in the digital circuits surrounding the Texas Instruments 32-bit / 384kHz DAC.  

The smooth action tray loading CD mechanism, VFD display, intuitive front panel controls and included IR remote control ensure simple installation and operation.

RCA outputs provide easy connection to your favorite audio system. The CD11 MKII also includes a coaxial output allowing the unit to be used as a CD transport, and the 12V trigger input and RS232 connection allows seamless integration with control systems.

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