Introducing The ‘Orange Valve Tester MKII’

Introducing The ‘Orange Valve Tester MKII’


An Industry unique product for testing Hi-Fi Valves (Tubes) with Precision and Ease

Orange Amplification is proud to unveil the Orange Valve Tester MKII which supersedes the Orange VT1000, the world’s first automatic digital valve tester pioneered, developed and patented by Orange.
The Orange Valve Tester MKII is made and designed in the UK. It effortlessly performs a wide range of tests with speed, simplicity and accuracy, setting a new world standard in valve-testing technology for hi-fi enthusiasts and service professionals alike.
The simplicity of operation belies the complexity of what happens inside the unit during each test. Inside is a sophisticated microprocessor controlled testing system carrying out a series of complex inter-electrode switching and measurement exercises. Requiring no knowledge of valve theory, a user simply inserts a valve into the correct socket, selects the valve type from the list and presses the ‘OK’ button. The status of the valve under test is quickly revealed.

The latest model of the Orange Valve Tester features greatly improved algorithms with an updated database containing the test results of literally hundreds of new, used, and faulty valves giving the MKII a much greater intelligence compared to the original Orange VT1000. All the voltages required by the tester are internally derived, stabilised and controlled allowing a rapid static and transient testing without unnecessary heat generation.
In addition, the new unit features higher current capacity with enhanced ‘grid leakage detection testing’, a new ‘thermal runaway’ test and a new ‘digital microphony function’ to test pre-amp valves. Its new rugged mechanical design and form also has improved valve sockets.

The Orange Valve Tester MKII’s new optional expansion modules will be particularly appealing to hi-fi enthusiasts. It allows the testing of directly heated valves such as the 300B and other valve types including EF86 and rectifier valve GZ34.
The Orange Valve Tester MKII is a sophisticated, simple to use, stylish, and portable unit. Its usefulness has been designed to meet the needs of both seasoned audiophiles and those new to testing valves. The device’s fully automatic testing and matching capabilities ensure optimal valve performance across a wide range of audio valve equipment allowing users to effortlessly maintain quality, maximum performance, and limit possible distortion of their hi-fi amplifier caused by substandard, worn or faulty valves.

Price: £850.00 GBP (approx. CA$ 1450 / US$ 1075)
To find out more about the new Orange Valve Tester MKII and all the other Orange Amplification products, please go to and

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