Wayne E. Goins

Director of Jazz Studies at Kansas State University, with a PhD in Music from Florida State University, Wayne Everett Goins is an accomplished Blues guitarist and author of five books on jazz, three of which were published by The Edwin Mellen Press: Emotional Response To Music: Pat Metheny’s Secret Story, The Jazz Band Director’s Handbook: A Guide To Success, and Charlie Christian, Jazz Guitar’s King of Swing. He has also written and writes for magazines Pure Guitar, Jazz Ambassador, Jazz Improv, Living Blues, Jazz Guitar Today, and Positive Feedback, among others,and wrote the 2014 biography Blues All Day Long: The Jimmy Rogers Story, which was awarded the “Blues Biography of the Year” by Living Blues Magazine.

  • A stone-cold classic: Carole King’s Tapestry

    Barely in my teens, I listened to the very first albums I ever owned on a wide, floor-model stereo console placed prominently in the living room of my home on Chicago’s South Side. My oldest sister gave it to my mother as a birthday gift in September, 1971. It cost five hundred bucks and was…

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