5 HiFi Hangouts for the Golden-Eared Montrealer

5 HiFi Hangouts for the Golden-Eared Montrealer

Café Gotsoul’s entrance is a perfect reflection of Montreal

Exploring Montreal’s Premier Sound Havens

For audiophiles seeking the ultimate auditory experience, Montreal offers a rich tapestry of venues that cater to the golden-eared. From cozy bistros blending gourmet cuisine with vinyl records to vibrant bars with custom sound systems, the city’s sound havens promise a unique and immersive listening experience. Join us as we explore five premier destinations in Montreal that celebrate high-fidelity sound, vinyl culture, and the art of music appreciation.

  • Location: Ville-Marie, 1192 St Laurent Blvd
  • Features: Combines natural wines with vinyl music, offering a nostalgic auditory experience with carefully curated soundtracks.
  • Atmosphere: Retro aesthetics blended with modern comforts, ideal for vinyl enthusiasts and casual listeners.
  • History: Founded to merge high-quality natural wines with an immersive musical experience.

Located in Montreal’s old Red Light District, VinoDisco blends high-quality natural wines with a vibrant discotheque atmosphere. Patrons enjoy a nostalgic auditory experience through carefully curated vinyl records, set against a backdrop of retro aesthetics and modern comforts. This laid-back yet engaging venue hosts regular DJ nights, offering a fresh mix of genres. Founded by audiophiles and wine enthusiasts, VinoDisco merges their passions into a single unique space, featuring a custom sound system handcrafted by the Montreal-based artisans at Automatic Audio, ensuring exceptional sound quality and a unique wine selection.

Source: vinodisco.bar
  • Location: Below Fleurs et Cadeaux in Chinatown, 1002 Rue Saint-Urbain
  • Concept: Inspired by Japanese jazz kissa listening rooms
  • Features: High-fidelity Klipsch speakers, DJ residencies, and a dynamic transition from dining to a lively club atmosphere.
  • History: Evolved from a quiet listening space to a vibrant club environment.

Inspired by Japanese jazz kissa listening rooms, Sans Soleil is located below Fleurs et Cadeaux in Chinatown. This vinyl bar features high-fidelity Klipsch speakers and DJ residencies, creating an immersive auditory experience. Patrons can start with sake and sushi in a quiet setting before transitioning to a vibrant club atmosphere. Founded by Kris Guilty, Hideyuki Imaizumi, Dave Schmidt, and Seb Langlois, Sans Soleil merges traditional Japanese-inspired ambiance with modern club vibes, emphasizing high-quality sound and a unique cultural blend.

Source: trippin.world
Source: silo57.ca
  • Location: Mile End, 5607 Park Ave
  • Cuisine: Northern Italian
  • Features: Combines gourmet Northern Italian dishes with a focus on vinyl records, offering a cozy atmosphere with a European touch.
  • Design: Decor infused with vintage charm, showcasing vinyl records.
  • History: Inspired by the owners’ love for vinyl and Italian cuisine.

In the Mile End, Barcola Bistro Audio blends gourmet Northern Italian cuisine with a passion for vinyl records. The bistro’s walls are adorned with vintage and contemporary jazz and classical albums, available for purchase, promoting a slow food and slow listening concept. The decor exudes vintage charm, creating a cozy and intimate atmosphere. Founded by Danielle Robichaud and Fabrizio Caprioli, who met through their shared love of music and food, Barcola Bistro Audio reflects their experiences from Moncton, New Brunswick, and Trieste, Italy, shaped by Fabrizio’s culinary expertise and Danielle’s passion for vinyl records.

Source: Barcola Bistro Facebook page
Source: barcolabistro.com
  • Location: Little Burgundy, 1970 Notre-Dame St W
  • Features: Houses a collection of 15,000 records, offering a deep dive into music history and artist stories.
  • Collection: Extensive library of music, also selling records.
  • History: Founded by DJ Jojo Flores, reflecting his lifelong dedication to vinyl.

Located in Little Burgundy, Café Gotsoul is owned by DJ Jojo Flores and houses a remarkable collection of 15,000 records. The café provides an in-depth exploration of music history and artist stories through vinyl, offering a tactile and immersive listening experience. Flores, who has been collecting records since his teenage years, curates the extensive music library. His journey from accompanying his mobile DJ father to becoming an internationally recognized DJ enriches the café with a rich personal history and a deep dedication to vinyl and music culture.

Source: Café Gotsoul Facebook page
Source: Café Gotsoul Facebook page
  • Location: Villeray, 7622 Rue St-Hubert
  • Features: Vinyl-only DJ policy, two-turntable setup, and a collection of over 2,500 records.
  • Curated Experience: Focus on creating an immersive sound environment.
  • History: Founded by Pascal-Angelo Fioramore, transitioning from DJing to creating a vinyl-dedicated venue.

In the heart of Villeray, Bar Le Record stands out with its vinyl-only DJ policy, two-turntable setup, and a collection of over 2,500 records. Emphasizing the beauty and emotional connection of vinyl, the bar creates a warm and enveloping sound environment. Founded by Pascal-Angelo Fioramore, a former DJ turned venue creator, Bar Le Record focuses on high-quality sound and a carefully selected music collection to provide an immersive auditory experience. Fioramore’s transition from DJing to running a vinyl-centric bar reflects his commitment to preserving and celebrating the vinyl experience.

Source: barlerecord.com
Source: tastet.ca

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